The Initiative

All Policies for a Healthy Europe is an intersectoral initiative that brings together a diverse group of NGOs, think-thanks, associations, companies, and individuals.

Our mission is to put citizens’ health and well-beingat the heart of EU policy making.

We champion a broad and bold vision for health & well-being.

One which takes seriously Europe’s role in keeping citizens well by addressing the multi-dimensional determinants of health - economic, social, environmental.

We deliberately seek opportunities for collaboration beyond the healthcare sector.

We recognize that cross sectoral coalitions are essential to engage meaningfully and constructively on policies for our complex societal challenges require different perspectives and coordinated action, as exemplified by the new structure of the European Commission.

We call on the European Commission to

Establish an EU Charter on Well-being

Introduce common well-being principles to effectively assess the impact of EU policies on the quality of citizens’ lives in all fields and with a long-term perspective.

Create an Observatory of Well-being

Develop a horizontal approach based on cross-sectoral collaboration between different policy areas.

To contribute to these objectives, All Policies for a Healthy Europe will organise events, stakeholder Agoras, and publish “policy offers” on the intrinsic links between health and well-being and environmental, economic and digital policy.

Our Knowledge Partners

Our Knowledge Partners contribute to the strategic direction of the initiative, providing data and guidance on content, and input on political and communications activities. Knowledge Partners participating in All Policies for a Healthy Europe are united in the goal of fostering health & well-being policies at European level. Knowledge Partners may have different objectives outside of this coalition, which are not reflected in the aims of All Policies for a Healthy Europe.

This initiative is enabled by the knowledge partnership and sponsorship of

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Our Journey

October 2018
Initiative co-creation at the European Health Forum in Gastein

March 2019
Healthy Europe Election Manifesto with recommendations  co-created and endorsed by over 30 leading organizations

October 2019
Adoption of  EU Council Conclusions on the Economy of Well-Being, including all the recommendations put forward by All Policies for a Healthy Europe

November 2018
Coalition launched  at the European Parliament with cross-partisan support and Member State representatives

June 2019
Multi-stakeholder Roundtable on the Economy of Well-Being with OECD, WHO, EU Commission, and the Finnish Presidency of the European Council

Throughout 2019
Hundreds of interactions with key policymakers and stakeholders (MEPs, members of the EU Commission, Member State representatives, International Organizations)


All Policies for a Healthy Europe builds on the EU 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), on the OECD’s framework for Inclusive Growth, and on the work of the Finnish EU Presidency for the “Economy of Well-being” (2019) and for “Health in All Policies” (2006).

This initiative is made possible by sponsorship of Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Randstad and Philips in knowledge partnership with various civil society and public interest organizations.

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We welcome additional input from experts and organizations who share these values and objectives, and we deliberately seek opportunities for collaboration beyond the healthcare sector.

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