Why the climate crisis is also a health crisis

Opening Plenary at COP26. Credit: UN Climate Change / Kiara Worth

By Carla ChiarettiEnvironment WG Chair – Head of Policy at EurEau As the dust settles on the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, it is worth reminding ourselves about what the leaders, delegates, activists and other stakeholders were discussing so intensely during the two-week event. Of course, it was a summit tackling the climate crisis, a […]

AP4HE’s position on EU4Health

All Policies for a Healthy Europe (AP4HE) believes that well-being must be at the centre of EU priorities. To date, the concept of well-being has not been systematically embedded in EU policies and action. Different Directorates-General within the Commission define well-being in relation to their respective departmental priorities, reinforcing departmental silos. There is an urgent […]

Zero Pollution Action Plan Opinion

All Policies for a Healthy Europe welcomes the strong acknowledgement in the Zero Pollution Action Plan of the important impact of environmental pollution on public health. Our coalition recognises the Action Plan as a major milestone for the European Commission and the EU in regards to tackling pollution. In particular, All Policies for a Healthy Europe strongly supports the paradigm […]

Recovery and Resilience: an opportunity to create a health and well-being focused future

Signed by Guy Kerpen, Head of European Affairs Office, Philips In a short timeframe, COVID-19 has unveiled the cracks in the European Union healthcare systems edifice. The crisis has put to test the capacity of Member States and the Union to cope with large and unexpected shocks and highlighted the importance of functioning and effective health and care systems. It has shown that we […]

Euractiv: Unlocking data and embracing digital technologies to transform citizens’ health and wellbeing

Nigel Hughes is Scientific Director at Janssen Research and Development (Johnson & Johnson), a Corporate Knowledge Partner of All Policies for a Healthy Europe, authored an op-ed on Euractiv, titled “Unlocking data and embracing digital technologies to transform citizens’ health and wellbeing,” published on December 18, 2020. “Digital health can have a transformational impact on […]