Our European Health and Well-being Deal is here!

The “European Health and Well-being Deal” advocates for well-being to be a core principle in policymaking. It stands as our most ambitious manifesto yet, calling for a proactive paradigm shift in perspective that promises a brighter future for European society.

Central to the “European Health and Well-being Deal” is the “health in all policies” principle which emphasises the interconnectedness of health with other policy areas and the advantages that health-conscious policies can bring to public life. The manifesto advocates for the integration of health and well-being considerations into all EU policy areas by promoting a set of high-level recommendations for the next mandate of the EU, addressing both legislative proposals and EU institutional structure.

Trends & Policy Recommendations

Adopt a European well-being and health literacy strategy

Build sustainable and resilient systems

Develop a strategy for digital upskilling

Implement a preventative approach across sectors

Promote the Farm-to-Fork strategy and a circular economy

Promote ambitious legislation on pollution and support green initiatives


To make the European Health and Well-Being Deal a reality, we must implement the following structural changes within the EU to ensure effective action.

Health and Well-being within the institutional structure

Health and Well-being throughout the legislative process

Health and Well-being in the culture of the European Union