All Policies for a Healthy Europe is an intersectoral initiative of NGOs, think-tanks, associations, companies, and individuals with a mission to put citizens’ health & well-being at the heart of European policymaking.

Our Coalition Partners are united in the goal of fostering health & well-being policies at European level. They may have different objectives outside of this coalition, which are not reflected in the aims of All Policies for a Healthy Europe.

Healthy Europe ways of working

Decision-making is based on a collaborative and consensus-seeking approach. The foundational principles which make this model possible are intersectionality, transparency, and mutual trust.

Coalition Partners actively contribute to the strategic direction of the Healthy Europe initiative. They partake in the evolution of the Coalition and its work programme, give their input and guidance on political and communications activities, and provide data and direction for content and engagement efforts. Their logos are always disclosed on our channels and in all our materials.

Healthy Europe Supporters are organisations who endorse the mission of our coalition. Their logo is prominently featured on our website and can be included in the materials we produce, should they choose to support initiatives that align with their organisation’s values.

Working Groups are comprised of all Coalition Partners who wish to join them. They provide the knowledge and content necessary to attain Healthy Europe’s objectives. Each Working Groups is Chaired by one of the Partners and decisions are made by simple consensus.

The Strategic Taskforce is comprised of the Coalition Chair and Partners chairing Healthy Europe’s Working Groups, as well as selected representative Partners. The Taskforce meets regularly to discuss and align on the strategic intent of the initiative. Decisions are made by simple consensus during a meeting or via email to ensure general agreement.

Coalition Partners are supported by the Secretariat. It provides expert political and communications advice and practical assistance in the execution of Healthy Europe’s strategy and annual programmes.

Solidarity Principle

Coalition Partners are essential to the functioning of our coalition, embodying its cross-sectoral approach and offering valuable expertise to advance our cause. They also provide financial support for logistics, maintenance, and development of the initiative and are permanently disclosed in all our materials and channels.

In joining All Policies for a Healthy Europe, Coalition Partners commit to promote a “Health in All Policies” approach and to invest in practices and initiatives that foster and enable a “Culture of Well–being” aligned with the UN SDGs and the “Well–being Economy” values, as outlined in our manifesto, the European Health and Well-being Deal.

Coalition Supporters, however, have the flexibility to endorse specific projects, events, and materials as they see fit. They support the high-level idea of the coalition – but do not actively participate in steering its direction or shaping its developments.


Do you align with our mission to place the health and well-being of European citizens at the heart of policymaking? Would you like to get involved in our coalition and support our idea? Then join us! You can do this as:

  • Coalition Partner, who contributes to the strategic direction of Healthy Europe through yearly sponsorship and/or active participation in the coalition’s activities and development;

  • Coalition Supporter, who supports the mission of our coalition and different projects;

  • Healthy Europe Ambassador, if you’re an MEP or a public figure, who publicly endorses our coalition, partakes in our engagement campaigns, and represents us in public settings.