Our Knowledge Partners contribute to the strategic direction of the initiative, providing data and guidance on content, and input on political and communications activities.

Knowledge Partners participating in All Policies for a Healthy Europe are united in the goal of fostering health & well-being policies at European level. Knowledge Partners may have different objectives outside of this coalition, which are not reflected in the aims of All Policies for a Healthy Europe.

This initiative is enabled by the knowledge partnership and sponsorship of:

Healthy Europe ways of working

  • Decision-making is based on collaborative and consensus-seeking approach.
  • The foundational principles which make this model possible are intersectionality, transparency and mutual trust.
  • All knowledge partners should align with initiative values, have a positive public perception and be active in the initiative’s focus areas and working groups (i.e. Environment, Digital, Economy)
  • The Secretariat will inform the Corporate Knowledge Partners about ongoing negotiations with potential future corporate members joining Healthy Europe. 
  • The Coordinationa Taskforce – comprising the Corporate Knowledge Partners, the Chair of the coalition and the Knowledge Partners chairing Healthy Europe’s working groups – meets regularly to discuss and align on the strategic intent of the initiative. 
  • Decisions are made by simple consensus during a meeting or via email in order to ensure general agreement that decisions are aligned.
  • Thematic Working Groups – comprising all knowledge partners who wish to join them – provide the content and knowledge necessary to attain Healthy Europe’s objectives. 
  • A Working Group is chaired by a non-corporate knowledge partner, ensuring the intersectoral governance approach of the initiative. 
  • Decisions are made by simple consensus during a meeting or via email. 

Healthy Europe will work with a wide range of stakeholders who may provide endorsements and their logo to the content on and ad-hoc basis

The Knowledge Partner and Corporate Knowledge Partners are supported by a Secretariat providing expert political and communications advice and practical assistance in the execution of Healthy Europe’s strategy and annual programmes. 


Corporate Knowledge Partners (CKPs) are essential for the functioning of our coalition, as they represent the cross sectoral approach of the coalition and they provide financial support to the cause, in addition to contributing knowledge.

CKPs are for-profit organisations. Therefore, their presence in our coalition is subject to a higher degree of scrutiny by the public on their interests, motivations, and activities as a member. Our CKPs need to genuinely share the mission and objective of the coalition, beyond any reputational interest.

To safeguard the ethics, transparency, and independence of the initiative, All Policies for a Healthy Europe relies on a set of CKP Membership Criteria and a Membership Pledge by which the coalition reviews any and all requests or invitations for corporate organisations interested in joining and contributing to the coalition.

Furthermore, the CKPs and organisations involved in any content development or event organisation are at all times publicly disclosed in all our materials and channels.

Membership pledge

In joining All Policies for a Healthy Europe, the Corporate Knowledge Partner (CKP) commits to promote Health in All Policies approach and to invest in practices and initiatives that foster and enable Culture of Wellbeing aligned with the UN SDGs and with the values of a Wellbeing Economy, as outlined in our Manifesto and Recommendations for aEconomy of Wellbeing.

The CKP pledges to fulfil the set of minimum criteria listed below

Members of Healthy Europe have the possibility to exercise their right of association with subjectivity to assess discretionarily and decide based on other considerations not necessarily foreseen in this document.

Membership criteria

Business activity generally beneficial to the public good

Business model aligned with and conducive to the healthy development of individuals and societies.

Strong CSR policy & employee programmes

Targeted and tracked programmes in environmental health, sustainability, social inclusion, health & well-being at work, etc.

Value complementarity

Business and public affairs activities that add value, complement or contribute additional knowledge to the coalition.

Corporate leadership

Active contribution to the emergence of a stronger, more inclusive and sustainable  economic model, in line with our Manifesto and Recommendations for an Economy of Well-being.