POLICY PAPER: Achieving an Economy of Well-being

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing major disruption to economies in the European Union (EU), not only due to the paralysis caused by the confinement of the population but also because of the necessary restrictive measures to protect citizens’ health and well-being. The pandemic has highlighted the flaws in economic measures that do not take into account such crucial issues as resilience (especially of health systems), environmental sustainability (the likely effect of loss of biodiversity as a factor in the pandemic) and social inequality (made demonstrably worse during the crisis). 

The Economy Working Group is pleased to present its 2021 Policy Paper, focusing on achieving a better measurement of the state of society and the economy through the development of well-being indicators. In this paper, All Policies for a Healthy Europe is providing EU decision-makers with a proposed pathway to finally achieve a Well-being Economy.

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Our 2021 Economy Policy Paper

Our 2021 Economy Policy Paper - Infographic

Women make about 8⃣7⃣% cents for every man's €, on average, across OECD countries. Some research suggest a widening gap since 2020. #EqualPay

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