POLICY PAPER: Strengthening the link between well-being and the economy: the key to a successful and sustainable European Care Strategy

Care is a vital component of citizens’ lives and of a country’s economy, and a lack of care infrastructures could seriously undermine the European economic recovery.

Improving care for society as a whole requires a “Culture of Care”, that is, inclusive and holistic health and care systems with a life-cycle approach. To address the future challenges of healthy ageing, physical inactivity, and Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) like cancer, next generation health and care systems will need to overcome short-term cost containments and devote more attention to patient- and prevention-centric health and care capable of absorbing rising labour demands.

Care, prevention, and health innovation are still systematically underfunded. For this reason, All Policies for a Healthy Europe welcomes the European Commission’s European Care Strategy, which focuses on sustainable long-term care, early-childhood care, and education through a life-cycle approach to care. To this end, the Coalition has developed several recommendations based on the expertise of its cross-sectoral and transversal membership and concrete case studies.

Read our full paper with recommendations below:

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