POLICY PAPER: Unlocking Cleaner Air for All Citizens: A more Ambitious EU Air Quality Directive

71% Europeans think the EU should propose additional measures to address air quality-related problems[1].

All Policies for a Healthy Europe calls for further action to be taken to minimise air pollution in the EU as win-win solution to reduce the health burden on EU citizens and to mitigate climate change.

Our Environment Working Group intensively researched the link between air pollution, climate change and health, and formulated some recommendations to improve the European Commission's standing initiatives in this field. Among them, it is crucial to focus on the implementation of preventive measures and the reduction of emissions at source. As a coalition, All Policies for a Healthy Europe thus calls for stricter EU standards, in line with the latest published WHO guidelines, both for air quality and for long-term emissions reduction targets.

Read our full paper with recommendations below:

Our Environment Policy Paper

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