The Initiative

All Policies for a Healthy Europe is an intersectoral initiative that aims to ensure that citizen’s health and well-being be a core priority for Europe and a strategic objective for the next Commission.We see health and well-being as crucial contributors to a new and stronger economic model: one that encompasses more than just GDP and fiscal rules, and which targets inclusive growth and sustainable development.We focus on the inextricable links between: healthy societies, a healthy environment, and healthy systems. And we embrace the potential of data and digital technologies that improve well-being.This initiative is made possible by sponsorship of Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft and by knowledge partnership of various organizations.

Our Knowledge Partners

Our Knowledge Partners contribute to the strategic direction of the initiative, providing data and guidance on content, and input on political and communications activities. Knowledge Partners should align with initiative values, have a positive public perception and be active in the initiative’s focus areas (healthy society, healthy systems, healthy environment, and digital health).

This initiative is enabled by the knowledge partnership and sponsorship of

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Our Journey

2019 is a crucial year for the future of the EU. And 70% of Europeans want to see more action on health.

So we call for a new approach:

  • A senior Commissioner to bridge silos for intersectoral governance on health & well-being in the Commission
  • Impact assessments for EU policies so that all policy areas and their DGs can take account of contributing to the health and well-being of European citizens

In the build up to the European elections, our knowledge partners and collaborating organisations worked together to co-create a Manifesto for a Healthy Europe, launched in the European Parliament with the cross-partisan support of championing MEPs. (March 2019)

Then, we organized a multilateral roundtable with our knowledge partners together with representatives of the European Commission, the OECD, the WHO, and the Finnish Government to discuss recommendations from our manifesto to the “Economy of Well-being” agenda of the Finnish Presidency to the EU Council. (June 2019)

Now we will take our joint proposals to the attention of the new European Commission, the new Parliament, and the EU Council Presidencies to support them in the implementation of this intersectoral well-being agenda.

We aim to transparently collaborate with the EU Institutions, European national governments, and International Fora to improve citizen’s health and well-being. We welcome additional input from experts and organizations who share the values and objectives of our Manifesto, and we deliberately seek opportunities for intersectoral partnerships beyond the siloes of the healthcare sector.

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All Policies for a Healthy Europe builds on the EU 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), on the OECD’s framework for Inclusive Growth, and on the work of the Finnish EU Presidency for the “Economy of Well-being” (2019) and for “Health in All Policies” (2006).

This initiative is made possible by sponsorship of Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft in knowledge partnership with various civil society and public interest organizations.

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We welcome additional input from experts and organizations who share these values and objectives, and we deliberately seek opportunities for collaboration beyond the healthcare sector.

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