New ways of defining economic and societal well-being goals are emerging

The old GDP-centric model is giving way to approaches that place human and environmental well-being at the heart of government policy. The Sustainable Development Goals are a crucial example of this, as is the growing emphasis on the need to ensure ‘inclusive growth’ and reduced inequalities. If the EU is to respond to the needs and concerns of its citizens, it is vital that the new European institutions should embrace the paradigm shift. Citizens’ well-being must be at the centreof EU policies.

Health & Well-being Facts

Health and well-being are intrinsically linked

The World Health Organisation considers them inseparable: health is ‘a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being’. At European level, however, ‘health’ is too often interpreted narrowly – as meaning the treatment and care of people with chronic diseases or other health conditions.

All Policies for a Healthy Europe champions a broader vision:

One which takes seriously Europe’s role in addressing the multi-dimensional determinants of health and well-being – economic, social, environmental, commercial and political.

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